5 tips for planning your cultural trip to Europe

cultural trip to Europe

5 tips for planning your cultural trip to Europe

First time traveling to the Old Continent? Europe is a tourist spot with multiple destinations and models of things to see; Among the most prominent are perhaps the churches, museums, and ancient buildings, witnesses of the great civilizations that rose and fell during the past millennia. If you want to take a trip to this beautiful continent and you want to guarantee a good time, follow these useful tips to plan the best possible vacation.

  1. Don’t miss the Museums

Europe is a treasure chest when it comes to art and history, both of European cultures and of the rest of the world. To visit places such as, for example, the National Archaeological Museum of Athens is to take a fascinating journey into the world of Pericles and Socrates. It is like riding in a wonderful time machine that will allow you to understand the history of the continent in a fast, simple, and entertaining way.

  1. In museums, visit the masterpieces

Many of the museums that we find on the continent cannot be visited in a single day, so the ideal thing is that you hire a tour guide or know exactly what interests you the most. In this way, you will have an unforgettable tour in which you will get to know the most important masterpieces of art and culture. For example, if you don’t have more than one day at the amazing British Museum, you know you should go see the impressive mummies.

  1. Be sure to visit the ones you most admire

Try to find out where your favorite works are, so you won’t leave Europe without having seen them. If you are in Spain, you should not miss the works of Salvador Dalí and Picasso. The National Gallery of London has a virtual room that will guide you to the most renowned works. In many of the major cities in Europe, there are free tours that include self-guided tours of the best museums. Planning comes first!

  1. Wear appropriate clothing to Churches, Synagogues, and Mosques

Ancient castles and temples are wonderful to visit, and you can generally visit them without any problems. However, religious buildings are more complicated. Before visiting holy sites, such as churches and mosques, be sure to adhere to the dress code for the site. Also, try to visit these sites at the appropriate times, which do not coincide with the time of worship, or you will be left without a visit!

  1. Visit the archaeological monuments

The history of Europe is so rich and well preserved that visits to archaeological sites cannot be missed. Research the place where you go. Are you in Greece? The architectural heritage of this nation is a marvel of classical antiquity that you cannot miss. The UK? Don’t miss the legendary Stonehenge. Rome? Don’t forget the famous Colosseum!

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