Are you passionate about the arts and history? What is most interesting museums to visit around the world ? In which countries are they located? All lovers of history from all eras, when they travel to any country, want to know those places that collect and display art and traditions.
Cultural diversity is threatened by globalization. Now almost all places are alike, and that is why the most visited cultural events in the world have seen the need to be more creative in order to keep distinguishing themselves from others, thus maintaining tradition and attracting more tourists.
Human values are those positive aspects that allow us to live with other people in a fair way in order to achieve a global benefit as a society. Sometimes we hear it said that behaving in one way or another is a cultural matter. Moreover, nothing is right or wrong, but depending on the society and the time in which it takes place, it will be considered better or worse. However, these statements are not always correct...
When we talk about culture's importance on the nation's development, we often refer to countless areas that do not easily allow us to identify the real peculiarities attributable to that vast sea magnum enclosed today, under the aegis of culture. All the intellectual knowledge acquired through study, reading, experience, influence the environment. It is being reworked subjectively and autonomously become a constitutive element of personality. It is helping to enrich the spirit and develop or improve individual faculties, especially judgment.
The refugee crisis has now become "a global phenomenon". Filippo Grandi, head of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), used these words, highlighting that never in history had the problem occurred with this intensity, and therefore urged governments to become aware of the problem, because "looking away is not a solution".
Achieving world peace sounds like an idyllic and perfect dream. There are so many conflicts and so much inequality in the world that considering this objective seems excessively naive. However, there has never been so much potential in the history of humanity to achieve it. We strongly believe that a better world is possible and that to achieve it, the government and the various social agents are necessary, although also the individual participation of each person, promoting and infecting positively with actions in the immediate environment. That is why we want to encourage you to perform this task routinely, starting by watering your own plant:
Technology is increasing and changing as time goes by, and we with it. Computers, televisions, cell phones, etc., have made our lives more comfortable and easy, but everything has its advantages and disadvantages.
If there is a debate that is open right now and everyone has an opinion about it, it is migration. It is a fact that many factors attract people from other countries in search of a better life, other opportunities or simply because they want to continue their career here.
Conflicts trigger strong emotions, but also feelings of disappointment and malaise. When a conflict or quarrel is handled in an unhealthy way, it can lead to resentment and irreparable breakdowns. However, when managed in the right way, understanding and trust increase and ties are strengthened.
Global warming is no longer a problem of the future: it is a situation that we must stop immediately or the destruction of the planet will be irreversible. Droughts, hurricanes, hunger, poverty and destruction:  these are some of the terrible consequences that global warming causes on our planet. And it is in our hands to actively participate to stop its effects if we want the following generations to inherit a world as we know it today. Or even better.