The difficult part is already decided: we are getting married! But many other questions remain unanswered and, perhaps, the first is: where? Here are some perfect scenarios for a fairytale wedding. CA L'IBORRA This magical place, very close to Barcelona, ​​offers style in abundance for modern and...

We love the delicacies that the Far East offers us, with exotic and suggestive Asian cuisine such as Thai, Chinese and Japanese. And we also allow ourselves to be seduced by the Middle East and its specialties, which are born from a Mediterranean culture that we share. In any case, we have selected excellent options for you to travel with your palate through Asia with just a metro card.

The Commonwealth of Australia is located on the continent of Oceania and is characterized by having a form of government mainly constitutional monarchy, accompanied by parliamentary federalism. It is one of the nations that share a historical past with Great Britain, due to the fact that it was previously occupied by a group of colonies from this country. It is a country with great biodiversity, famous and known for its striking and endemic fauna, made up of unique and large animals.