Food culture, the most Aussies dishes of Australian cuisine

Typical Australian cuisine

Food culture, the most Aussies dishes of Australian cuisine

One of the most enjoyable things about traveling in Australia is being able to explore Australian cuisine in every big city or small town. Even within a country like this, there are several unique traditions, recipes, and dishes that are part of its cultural identity and that can vary depending on the city or town where you are.

Australian food has little of its own and a lot from outside, being a country with so many immigrants you can find an enormous gastronomic variety. In all cities, there are restaurants that offer traditional food from many countries, among which we find Thai, Chinese, Indian, Japanese, Arab, Mexican restaurants, and almost all nationalities.

Toast with Vegemite

Popular Australian cuisine

This yeast extract with a dark brown color, salty taste, and peculiar appearance is one of the most traditional foods of the Australian gastronomic culture. In the houses of the Aussies, it cannot be missing, especially at breakfast, to start the day with all the energy that it provides. Many say it is an acquired taste. And it should be, since learning to enjoy it takes a lot of time for many of us.

Meat pie (meat pie)

Nobody can come to Australia and not try the typical meat pie. Australians colloquially call them  “dog’s eye”. They are sold in any bakery, or supermarket and even tend to be very popular in the wee hours after a night out. The Australian meat pie has evolved so much in recent years that gourmet varieties can be found in many restaurants in the country, but the traditional one contains meat, mashed potatoes, and a thick sauce.


Yes, that’s right, THEY EAT KANGAROO! As surprising as it sounds, many Australians have a habit of eating kangaroo meat. Whether roasted, grilled, or baked. It is one of the indigenous dishes of Australia. It is cooked rare and can be seasoned with garlic, pepper, and rosemary. It is very rich!


Grilled or battered fish with chips, the heritage of the first English who arrived at the antipodes. The sun comes out, summer arrives and the Aussies do not forgive their fish and chips with a cold beer. This dish is one of the favorites, served with lemon and salt, easy and exquisite.

Beetroot Burger

In almost all parts of the world, you can find a hamburger on the menu as an easy, comfortable and safe option for those who do not want to experiment. Australia, of course, is no exception. However, Aussies have a habit of adding a key and absolutely unique ingredient to their burgers: a slice of beetroot. For them, the hamburger is not complete with only bread, meat, and cheese. The piece of beetroot (beetroot) gives the burger an Aussie twist and a unique Australian flavor. It’s so popular in OZ that a year ago McDonald’s brought out the McOz (Beet Cheeseburger). The most typical burger in Australia! Or should we say “Austraguesa”?

For now, we let you process these first 5 meals in the most Aussie style, soon we will publish more typical Australian dishes. And a tip from traveler to the traveler: always be open to new experiences, try all the traditional dishes from places you don’t know, and enjoy new flavors. Without a doubt, some Australian gastronomy is part of the adventure!


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