Much more than art, museums protect the culture of humanity

Much more than art, museums protect the culture of humanity

Are you passionate about the arts and history? What is most interesting museums to visit around the world ? In which countries are they located? All lovers of history from all eras, when they travel to any country, want to know those places that collect and display art and traditions.

Some museums are more famous than others, but they all have in common a passion to preserve and show the world what man in his different times and places has been able to create. And it is worth visiting to soak up culture and history.

It is possible that on your next trip, you want to visit and see the headquarters of a museum that houses a famous masterpiece of art. It is that there is nothing compared to visiting any city and enjoying its most precious collections and any of its galleries and museums.

But making a list of the most interesting museums in the world to visit is not just anything. There are museums and more museums around the world, each one more interesting than the other. And there are cities that have several incredible museums, which are worth knowing all of them.

The ones you should visit, even once in your life

But we take on the challenge, and we are going to dare to create a list of the 6 most interesting museums in the world. We know that we are going to fall short, and that museums that many will consider should not be missing from any list will be left out. But we cannot please everyone.

If you are one of those people who, when visiting a city, cannot leave without visiting at least one of its museums, here we present you with a list of the truly unmissable.

So get ready to travel, here is the list:

Casino Museum, Las Vegas. A very interesting museum that many people do not know. Here you can learn about the history of the city through the history of casinos, which have been the forerunners and fundamental pillar of the development of Las Vegas.

Louvre museum | Paris. Many consider it the most important Museum in the world, and if it is not, it is very close to being it. You can admire works as famous as Leonardo da Vinci’s La Gioconda or Venus de Milo, as well as an extensive collection of works from ancient Egypt or ancient Greece.

Metropolitan Museum of Art, MET New York, It has an amazing collection of works of art, as well as its provenance. You can enjoy works from all periods and all cultures, visiting it is taking a walk through the history of art. “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” is one of iconic leftovers.

Uffizi Gallery, Florence. It has an inexhaustible collection of medieval and Renaissance works of art. It is one of the biggest attractions in Florence and one of the most important museums in the world and visited in the world. Here you can see Botticelli’s ‘ Birth of Venus’.

British Museum, London. It seems incredible that one of the best places in the world to know and admire Egyptian art is in London. Many consider that the way to get the pieces they boast was not very honest. Within its collection you can admire the famous Rosetta Stone.

Egyptian Museum, Cairo. Created to preserve and protect the country’s cultural heritage, where Tutankhamun’s funerary treasure stands out. It is an essential visit.

There are many other interesting museums , which are also worth visiting. What matters is that when you travel, visit museums and galleries, soak up art and history, and you will remember them all your life.

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