Road tour in the United States of America: the best tips

Road tour

Road tour in the United States of America: the best tips

For travel enthusiasts, the only possible solution is to leave. Among the most popular destinations for an ‘on the road trip, there is the United States of America.

They call it ‘wanderlust syndrome’ and it consists of an unstoppable desire to discover the world to escape, wander, learn. But the ‘cure’ exists: you need to pack your suitcase and leave, at least once a year. Among the most popular destinations for an ‘on the road trip, often celebrated on the big screen (from ‘Thelma and Louise’ to the most recent ‘Green book’), is the United States of America.

This is the land of opportunities and adventure par excellence: planning trips to America with the help of specialized agencies already gives an idea of ​​the experience that you will be about to live once you land on the stars and stripes soil. But baggage claim at the airport is only the final act of the first phase, the organizational one: upstream is the creation of the itinerary.

Thinking about the journey: where to start

In America, there are 6 distinct time zones that mark the lives of 325 million people: landscapes and traditions alternate in a vortex. Being able to see everything is impossible, to create the best tour you need to rely on instinct and follow your attitudes and passions: the love for lakes, the innate charm of mountain landscapes, or that of the ordered chaos among the dense ‘avenues’ of skyscrapers, places of cinema and culture.

Think about the reason that makes you want to travel: the answer is written on the map and bears the name of one or more states. It is clear that organizing everything independently, including travel, complicates things a bit and lengthens the time, but the satisfaction will be double (there are also customizable car tours to be planned in the agency).

The documents you need and the flight booking

Once you have defined the duration of the tour and the rough route, you need to think about the travel documents. Starting with a passport valid at least until returning to Italy, without forgetting the ESTA request – valid for two years – absolutely necessary to enter the USA, to be requested online on the Department of Homeland Security website.

Starting in advance with the planning, compared to the estimated date of the trip, is decisive: only in this way will you be able to find the best flights (those directed to the big cities are the most comfortable, but the network of movements with ‘ domestic flights ‘ by location minors is very rich). Too low a price can hide long hours of waiting for the connection.

Car rental and other possible trips

The car is the most popular means of transport for free travel: it is the embodiment of the true ‘on the road’ mood. It is always better to make the reservation from Italy so that you can proceed with only the withdrawal and leave without waiting any longer.

Here are some rules for hiring: be 21 years old (up to 25 there is a ‘young driver’ supplement); valid driving license (but an international license may be required in some countries); no debit card to pay, only the credit card of the person making the rental.

For faster journeys, between one acceleration and another immersed in incredible landscapes, consider the internal flights that shorten the times (there are low-cost airlines) but also the rich network of rail and bus transport (tickets can be easily purchased online). Travel insurance – not compulsory – will be more than useful, especially as regards any medical expenses.

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