The best cultural events held around the world

The best cultural events held around the world

The best cultural events held around the world

Cultural diversity is threatened by globalization. Now almost all places are alike, and that is why the most visited cultural events in the world have seen the need to be more creative in order to keep distinguishing themselves from others, thus maintaining tradition and attracting more tourists.

Through cultural events, whether they be called parties or festivals or another manifestation, the local culture tries to resist the globalized culture, emphasizing its rituals, symbols and idiosyncrasies to maintain and promote their difference.

They are a seal of national identity and a tourist attraction

They can be religious festivals, popular festivals or folkloric traditions, and currently cultural events are a very valuable resource for the dissemination and preservation of the customs and particularities of a country or region.

These events are live and thousands of people attend, so in addition to promoting cultural identity, they are also an important source of. Cultural events have a great influence on the social, cultural, political and economic context of a country.

Obviously these cultural events are an excuse to travel and attend them. During the duration of the event, the large influx of people causes an increase in consumption, energizing the local economy and forcing the locals to improve the offer and quality of the service more and more, so that next year visitors will return.

The 7 most visited cultural events in the world

We are going to present you a list of the 7 most visited cultural events in the world, so that you will be encouraged to attend some of them:

La Tomatina, Spain: Held annually in August, it brings together thousands of people who spend the day throwing ripe tomatoes at each other. It is a folk tradition that has been carried out for more than sixty years.

Day of the Dead, Mexico: It is a tradition that takes place in the month of November, and whose objective is to remember and honor the deceased in a festive and happy way.

The Carnival of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: February or March of each year A week of unbridled party, full of dances, women in extravagant dresses, and alcohol and more alcohol, make it one of the most famous and visited festivals in the world.

Gay Pride Parade, Amsterdam, The Netherlands: It is every first weekend of August. The river fills up with boats and is the perfect place to see and be seen.

San Fermín Festival, Pamplona, ​​Spain: It takes place in July, and running in front of the bulls through the streets of the city is what has made it famous.

Mardi Gras, New Orleans, USA: In February or March, It is a crazy party on Shrove Tuesday, with colored beads and lots of liquor. It is becoming more and more known and visited.

Jaisalmer Desert Festival, India: Celebrated in February. If you want to live a completely different and exotic experience, this may be your opportunity.

Prepare your backpack and visit us, live a different experience in each one and celebrate the diversity of the world in which we live.

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