Why society needs a more scientific understanding of human values

Why society needs a more scientific understanding of human values

Human values are those positive aspects that allow us to live with other people in a fair way in order to achieve a global benefit as a society.

Sometimes we hear it said that behaving in one way or another is a cultural matter. Moreover, nothing is right or wrong, but depending on the society and the time in which it takes place, it will be considered better or worse. However, these statements are not always correct…

It is true that there are questions that have to do with the uses, customs and priorities of each culture or historical period and, therefore, they change. But not everything happens there, values exist and are fundamental for humanity. We will try to go further and deepen the subject. Let’s learn more about human values in scientific method!

What are the human values?

Human values are a series of universal principles by which most people are governed. They serve as a guide to know how to conduct ourselves to live harmoniously in community and evolve together.

These values are not determined by culture, religion, by time or by any other conditioning factor. They are innate to the human being, lasting in time and transferable to any place in the world.

In addition, yes, indeed, there are objectively positive and other negative behaviors and attitudes. Among the most important human values we find ethics, respect for others, tolerance, kindness, peace, solidarity, love, justice, responsibility, equity, friendship, freedom  or honesty, among others. What else would you add?

In addition to these universal values, each individual can add other subjective values that have to do with their personality, with the education received, with the society in which they live, with their cultural level, with their beliefs, etc. The set of all our values (universal human values and personal values) build us as people and are responsible for our way of being in the world. Had you seen it this way?

Why is it important to understand human values?

Can you imagine what you would be like if you did not have the human values that we have spoken about? How would you behave in the face of the different situations that arise? What would your life be like? Would it make sense?

Perhaps a person without the fundamental values would not know what to do in each moment, how to lead in life … or perhaps the person would do anything at any moment without thinking about the consequences.

For example, if a neighbor bothers you every night making noise, what would you be able to do? If you are hungry when you walk down the street, would you get what you want from any store or restaurant? It’s hard to imagine what a worthless person would be like, it’s almost impossible!

As you must already be imagining, human values are the pillars of humanity. That is why it is so important to educate in human values. It not only helps them to be better people, able to relate and behave correctly at all times. There is more! Our society based on human values will give us security, confidence, strength, and we will know what to do and what to expect from others.

In addition, we will develop without great conflicts and will make this planet a pleasant place to live. Humanity needs people who not only care about themselves, but also contribute their grain of sand to society. Only if we go hand in hand we will build the world we want, and already put … let’s make it beautiful!

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