Is Migration Good, Bad, or Normal? – Migration Matters

Is Migration Good, Bad, or Normal? – Migration Matters

If there is a debate that is open right now and everyone has an opinion about it, it is migration. It is a fact that many factors attract people from other countries in search of a better life, other opportunities or simply because they want to continue their career here.

We cannot ignore the tremendous armed conflicts in countries are generating millions of refugees around the world. People like us, who lived normal, quiet lives, suddenly find themselves running away from home, leaving it empty, taking their family, and protecting them elsewhere. For this reason, many cities and countries have different reception policies for immigrants, especially refugees.

But everything has its pros and cons. Many think that it cannot be good that we have so much migration, while others see the glass half full and see it as an opportunity for growth, taking other countries where the formula has worked perfectly. Ultimately, we will analyze Is Migration Good, Bad, or Normal. Will we win or lose with this new wave of migration?

Positive aspects of migration

There is no doubt that the economy becomes more dynamic with the movement of people. Therefore, several points in favor of migration must be highlighted in economic terms.

More people, more work

The more people there are, the more jobs will be filled. The classic of “immigrants steal our jobs” is a lie, since they take the jobs that the Spanish do not want because they consider themselves better than that. In this way, we have a whole community of immigrants who pick strawberries in the sun or carry out complicated jobs and in very complex environments.

More people, more consumption

The more people there are, the more consumption there will be. Of course, immigrants must be integrated into the culture of the country they come to so that it is as fair and equitable as possible. If we went to another country, we would make an effort to learn a language and to carry out the most typical and harmless customs, regardless of religion, of course.

New types of work

With the arrival of migration, different jobs are generated, people with different cultures that can offer knowledge from both sides and with very positive results. Again, integration, information and respect by everyone are essential to make it work perfectly.

New generations of migrants

Spain has long experienced its waves of migration. Especially now, we see how the second generations of Arab or Latino immigrants, boys and girls born here but with very strong roots, come of age. They are the key to showing that migration is very positive for a country’s economy.

The negative aspects of migration

However, we cannot ignore that immigrants’ arrival can also have counter-prudential effects on the economy.

The shadow economy

Many immigrants do not have papers to work legally in Spain, so they have to sell products or services illegally. That means that they do not contribute; they do not pay taxes while other people do. It is unfair and harmful to taxpayers.

Do they send money abroad?

One of the biggest problems in the economy and migration is that these people spend a lot of money abroad, so the money they earn in Spain is not invested in Spain.

The fear of terrorism

Although it is not a strictly economic topic, it is a conversation that must be carried on. Are all immigrants terrorists? Of course not, but in the recent attacks, it has been discovered that even second-generation immigrants were born in the country and converted to hatred and terror. Many people feel that buying immigrants can be financing a terrorist group.

Lower prices

It is a fact that immigrants run many food stores that are open 24 hours. The neighborhood grocery classics and even the odd supermarket have nothing to do next to their 24-hour offer. This greatly limits the room for maneuver at work and results in the competition’s quality of life falling dramatically.

Migration is not always bad or always good

It seems pretty obvious that it would be absurd to pretend that migration is always good in any circumstance and any quantity. Furthermore, is the solution to poverty? That all the poor go to live in rich countries instead of solving their problems at home? Solving problems at source also has its irony, because some are scandalized by the children who come to the shores fleeing from conflict, but then refuse to intervene to resolve that conflict.

He is horrified if the refugees die on the way, but not if they are massacred at the source. These people do not want to help, but to wash their hands, first of the conflict and after the consequences of the conflict, to be great full time.

If we are continually attributing to certain groups a kind of absolute right to decide, including independence, how can we deny the right to decide to set or close borders? The truth is that when it comes to talking about migration, we should perhaps spin finer, leave to start talking about migration in general or say that migration is an inherently bad or good phenomenon.

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