Is Society Too Dependent on Technology?

Is Society Too Dependent on Technology?

Technology is increasing and changing as time goes by, and we with it. Computers, televisions, cell phones, etc., have made our lives more comfortable and easy, but everything has its advantages and disadvantages.

All-day long, we stay “glued” to the cell phone, sending messages, playing games, listening to music, chatting, watching videos, and it seems to me that we are no longer the same as before and our lifestyle has radically changed. So I wonder, what is Technology doing to us? And so the answer would be that we have become dependent on it, slaves and addicts.

How society dependent on Technology?

In society, we have become dependent on technology, we depend on Wikipedia to do our homework, and we don’t even read our work, we just “copy & paste.” So are we being well educated? I do not believe it. Before it was very different, they would assign you a task, you would go to the library and you had to read one or more books to do the task finally.

When I see a group of women gathered together, with their eyes “riveted” to the screen of their Blackberry, iPhone or any other smartphone, they are not doing one of a woman’s favorite things, which is to talk. This may worry some people, including me because it shows how we have become asocial and how our lives have changed because of Technology.

Today many do not leave their homes because they are on the computer or on television. I, even, have not wanted to go on a family trip to sit in front of my computer watching movies, without thinking how good it would have been there.

Technology separates us

For example, when we are checking the cell phone and talking to someone at the same time, we are neither present nor paying attention to the person for being on the cell phone. All our attention is on the cell phone. It has even happened to me many times, and I think I have been very disrespectful in doing it. This shows how Technology brings us closer to those who are far away from those who are close.

But have we really reached that extreme?

To ignore the person in front of you? Even your loved ones? Yes, we have got there and it is a terrible thing. We don’t even look human anymore.

This problem is very advanced, but, in my opinion. If we educated (at school and home) all from a young age to use Technology appropriately and teach us that it also has limits, then perhaps we could live together better with others and with the same Technology.

Today, most people wake up, turn on the TV, check their cell phone, heat a coffee in a microwave oven, read the newspaper on a mobile device, go to work or school listening to music on the MP3. Downloaded from the Internet, that is, a large part of its activities are directly related to the use of Technology.

The use of Technology is not something new

We have depended on it for 20,000 years, and although 10,000 years ago man still crossed the steppes, followed the herds and represented his hunt with cave drawings. We saw the sky and observed that the night lights moved and began to count the time between each movement and he noticed the relation that this had with the time when the flowers were born and the fruits grew.

This use of knowledge allowed man to reach industrial development when he learned to handle heat, coal, oil. Still, until about 50 years ago, for example, it was known that birds no longer sang as before. That is, they became aware of how human beings’ development and evolution has altered their environment.

Just as Technology is very useful to our society, the researcher pointed out other aspects are not so much. We should try to understand not only the benefits but the effects of using them. There are times when we say that we are experts in mechanics and mobile devices, but how many of us really know how the smartphone works?

It depends on us and our ethical understanding of science and Technology: choose the path towards the mass extinction of life on Earth or to transcend beyond it, towards the stars.

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