The importance of preserving cultural and traditional values

importance of preserving cultural and traditional values

The importance of preserving cultural and traditional values

In recent years there has been a lot of talk about the urgency and importance of preserving our environment. Pollution and careless exploitation are certainly undermining the ecosystems ‘ chances of natural recovery. However, globalization has brought with it strong cultural pressures that threaten to eradicate ancient cultures and, customs and traditions.

The importance of preserving cultural

Those cultures are as important and valuable as our environment. The different ways in which human beings have established relationships with the natural and social environment require our attention and are worthy of being cared for and preserved.

The cultural, patrimonial, and historical heritage that we have allows us to understand ourselves better. But it is not just a matter of privileging the indigenous and rejecting the foreign. Understanding and enjoying our historical and cultural baggage will also allow us to better adapt to foreign cultural influences, making them enrich us instead of simply copying them without adding value.

Culture includes the way we express ourselves, language, the way we see and respond to things, our myths and beliefs, our knowledge about our natural and social environment, our gastronomy, tastes, and customs. Giving up would leave us orphans of identity and we would lose an important part of our value as individuals.

More than protecting our cultural characteristics, the ideal is to reinforce and enhance them, to make them stronger in the face of external factors. This, again, does not mean that we should renounce different cultural influences, for we can do so without losing the essence of our culture.

In short, just as it is important to preserve our tangible cultural heritage, it is equally important to preserve and promote our intangible cultural heritage. This will allow us to understand where we are in the world, where we are, and how we can contribute to enriching world culture and economy in the age of globalization.

The importance of preserving our traditions

Throughout each year in our country, various traditions are celebrated, a sample of them is exhibited during December and January, in which in each home we can notice the way in which families end a year and give it the welcome to another.

Regardless of the nature of each celebration, that is, if it addresses cultural and/or religious issues, it is important to highlight that this freedom that we enjoy to believe and live our preferences is born from the recognition and protection of our fundamental rights, such as the right to freedom of expression, thought and freedom of worship and religion.

Likewise, the exercise of such rights in relation to our traditions, in turn, means the enrichment of our identity, and with it, as the Guiding Norm itself points out, of the multicultural composition that Mexico enjoys, and under which Respect for the identity of the other is a fundamental pillar that contributes to preserving this range of colors, flavors, and thoughts that allows us as Mexicans to express our particular perspective on life.

In this sense, I invite you to embrace and make your own the traditions with which you identify, to transmit them to those who have an interest in them and of course, to respect the customs of those who prefer something different, since respect for our differences and the freedoms of others, is the basis of any democratic system.

May the year that now begins, lead us to be proud of our Nation and of the freedoms that we enjoy under its protection, and that each goal that we have set, contribute to exalt Mexico and to spread and preserve the wonder of our traditions.

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