Charming places for a dream wedding

Wish for a dream wedding

Charming places for a dream wedding

The difficult part is already decided: we are getting married! But many other questions remain unanswered and, perhaps, the first is: where? Here are some perfect scenarios for a fairytale wedding.


This magical place, very close to Barcelona, ​​offers style in abundance for modern and romantic couples. During good weather, the banquet can be held in the magnificent gardens of this stately home.

The Conservatory Of The Manor

Scenarios for a fairytale wedding

The setting of this place is wonderful. The location planned for the ceremony could not be more idyllic: in front of an old granary with views of the estuary and surrounded by gardens with greenery and flowers everywhere.

The Monk Farm

Finca El Monje  is located in the Guadarrama Park, 3 km from Boadilla del Monte . It is a space of 500 hectares with ancient trees and several buildings, the most important being the Rúspoli Palace, which was built at the end of the 19th century.

Finca El Monje

The decoration of its interiors includes details as beautiful as this composition of antique mirrors. Because it is these kinds of things that make the difference.


Its 300 hectares of oaks and pines, wonderful views, as well as its location, 75 km from Madrid and 20 km from Segovia, make this place a great location. They organize the authentic country wedding, both civil and religious, and always with that “chic” charm that makes it unique.

The Farinera De Sant Lluís

Entering the Farinera Sant Lluís is to isolate yourself a little from everything. Let yourself be seduced Sit down, take a deep breath, and, with your eyes closed, imagine whatever you want. Where you want. How, when and with whomever you want. Exclusive gardens that hide a multitude of memories and the comfortable and warm interior of the old flour mill invite you to celebrate your dream wedding.

The Little Farm

In this complex near El Escorial is the Palacio de la Fresneda, with everything you could wish for a dream wedding. In addition to the beauty of the natural environment, they have the best professionals and the best facilities to make your wedding day unforgettable and you can enjoy a unique experience.

More D’alzedo

It is an 18th-century farmhouse, rebuilt respecting tradition and taking advantage of the latest technologies, dedicated to the celebration of unique events. It is located in Ribarroja, in front of the Turia Natural Park, just 18 minutes from the center of Valencia.

Flat Majorcan Farmhouse

In front of the Masía, there is a hundred-year-old pine forest. During the day, meals can be eaten under the leafy shade of the pine trees and, at nightfall, dinners are magically lit up with verbena bulbs hanging from the trees… And the modernist farmhouse always acts as the backdrop for any celebration.

Palace Of Meres

More than five centuries can be seen from the façade of this Asturian Palace, which has recovered its former splendor after a meticulous restoration. Restorers, artisans, architects, decorators, and botanists gave and give new life to its aristocratic halls and gardens, a privileged setting for great film shoots and unforgettable society parties.

Pazo De Sergude Entrance Bride Father

Pazo de Sergude  A long path bordered by a myrtle hedge leads to the old emblazoned gate that opens onto the garden, offering a view of the spectacular façade of the page.


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